Ina Gjikondi &

Gianfranco Cecchetto

Proud parents of Hadrian

Authors of Baby Light Book

Co-Founders of Hadrian Series

Ina Gjikondi, Author of Baby Light & Co-Founder of Hadrian Series

How can I bring forth my goodness, beauty and gratitude in the world, NOW?

This is the question that Ina asks and allows to guide her life, in the spirit of aliveness and joy. As a mother and a human being she looks at the family as the place for creating a space of trust and play. Ina is inspired by her son Hadrian, who reminds her everyday of the gift of love and kindness. He also teaches her to slow down and to show up for life with genuine curiosity. She appreciates the diversity of human spirit, kindness, abundance, un-scheduled phone calls from friends and impromptu outings, traveling, poetry, seating by the sea, music and fresh food. She continues to work on letting go of habits that no longer serve her, as she aspires to create healing spaces for people and communities, by cultivating wellbeing and empowered choice. Her place of inner peace looks like a glass dome, surrounded by water, woods and wild flowers, especially poppies, her favorites. Her desire is to continue to nurture the love for writing and publishing children, parenting and wellbeing literature. She enjoys sharing the stories that have supported her and continue to do so in life. Ina spends a good portion of her time in leadership development and coaching, as a part of the fabulous team at the George Washington University, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. As an Albanian-American she continues to build her narrative influenced by the values of both countries and gently brings that to Hadrian with humility and care. Ina, Gianfranco and thier son Hadrian leave in Alexandria, VA. 

Ina’s Mantra: “If we can just listen…. Between light and darkness there is a millisecond of stillness. I try everyday to get closer to that space, to be present for life. I am grateful for what comes as a guest into my home everyday”


Gianfranco V. Cecchetto, Illustrator of Baby Light & Co-Founder of Hadrian Series 

How might I SEE clearly in the waters that I am in?

As a passionate scuba diver, this question comes easy to Gianfranco, a wonderful husband, father and a talented artist, in life and in the kitchen. Gianfranco has spent many years in the hospitality industry crafting beautiful meals and bringing the best out of the Italian tradition, intertwined with an elegant contemporary flavor. He is inspired by his family and his bike. He loves long nature walks, water and in his wildest dreams, it’s always a home by the lake that shows up. Gianfranco embodies the good quality of listening, which has helped to cultivate at home a culture of open mind and open heart.

As an Italian-American he has been the greatest teacher of the language to Hadrian and yes, a good son to his mother. Gianfranco took two years off from work, to be a stay-at-home dad and to look after his family. Ina, Gianfranco and thier son Hadrian leave in Alexandria, VA. 

Gianfranco’s Mantra: “ I am a do-gooder. If I can’t do this now, it’s because I can’t do it YET. My failures are my greatest gifts”