Building Community...our Aspirations

What we see as possibilities? What would it look like?

Once the book is launched on on May 30, 2016 and released on July 30, 2016, we plan some of the following activities:

  • Conversations in Pre-Schools and Pre-Ks in the Washington Metropolitan Area and Tirana, Albania and or, anywhere we can find friends and colleagues who may arrange a visit

  • Small café conversations with parents, coaches and educators

  • Talks and presentations at coaching and educators’ conferences

  • Workshops, for parents, coaches and educators, that:

    • Help to facilitate the reflection on the question” How to I bring my beauty and goodness forth, NOW?

    • Focus on creating mindful choices to design the life that you want

    • Create new narratives for conversations in the family, workplace and life

    • Help build clarity and focus through creative inquiry and discovery

    • Support transitions in life and allow you to navigate newness

  • Sharing the work with anyone who shows up and is curious to explore and co-create (like YOU, your ideas and thoughts are welcome)


Moving Forward:

  • Year 2016: Publish 3 books + virtual community conversations circle (a space for families, coaches and educators to have conversations)

  • Year 2017: Publish 6 books + community conversations circle expanded + complementary resources to support learning through play

  • Year 2018: Publish 12 books + help 3 other authors with their vision+ community conversations circle + an exhibition to celebrate beauty + complementary resources to support learning through play


Ways You Can Join

We would love to have you become a part of our journey.

  1. We welcome any feedback and/or thoughts on how to spread our vision forward.

  2. We would also hope to see you join our Community Conversation Circle, a space to learn, share and co-create, launching soon. 

  3. You may also like to look at our Baby Light Campaign Page and learn about other ways you can contribute, help and support.