For the Parents, Coaches, Educators and anyone who has the desire and passion to create spaces for families to come together, to learn and explore. This book supports children’s growth through the art of beauty and mindfulness.


Baby Light is a story of love. It’s a journey of our family coming together to play and create a new narrative. It's a celebration of the life around us, and a tribute to the sources of nourishment and inspiration that enliven our soul everyday.

Light is everywhere in the universe. It's our source of life and renewal. Baby Light offers a simple and powerful perspective in looking at what light is all about, through inquiry and playfulness. It's a way to go deeper with how beauty affects us right NOW; It’s about building a mindful life, one that inspires an open mind, an open heart and an open will. 


We are also compelled to see this little story be a dialogue builder, a new way of creating a space for children and parents, for families, to celebrate beauty everyday. This is an invitation and is my desire to support human beings develop emotional, cognitive, relational, somatic and spiritual competence, to serve as a foundation for growth and development and to live life to its fullest. 


6 Questions you can work with to support an integral development of your child


Baby Light Book helps to observe light from a dynamic lens of inquiry, through the eyes of a child by engaging the whole being. This supports the child to build competency in 6(six) developmental streams: cognitive, relational, emotional, somatic, spiritual and integrating. (I attribute these 6 streams to New Ventures West, the coaching school that has been a great foundation for my personal development)


These six questions help explore: 

  1. What is light? (Cognitive)

  2. What feelings does it evoke? (Emotional)

  3. What happens in your body when light shows up? (Somatic)

  4. What is your relationship with light? (Relational)

  5. What’s its impact in the universe? (Spiritual)

  6. What’s your story about light? (Integrating)





Please read here a comprehensive list on lessons and practices that this book supports. 

We would love to hear your insights and any other findings that may come up for you.




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