Ms. Zerbanoo Gifford

Author, human rights campaigner and founder of ASHA Centre, UK

Zerbanoo’s biography “ An Uncensored Life” written by Farida Master was recently launched in India and will reach the US market in 2017

Foreword by Zerbanoo Gifford 


Ina Gjikondi’s & Gianfranco Cecchetto’s beautifully written and illustrated book for their son Hadrian, leaves me feeling both inspired and enlightened. This unique book makes me mindful of the magnificent source of all life LIGHT that we share wherever we live. 


As a mother and grandmother I have searched for meaningful books to read with those that I adore. Books that we can enjoy and learn together about the wonders of our world.  This book does that. It engages us in both the scientific as well as the spiritual knowledge that is freely available to us as is Light. 

It teaches us to give time to properly observe and cherish light that surrounds us.  We often forget that everyone and especially the young need to realize they are part of their environment and are influenced in the most extraordinary ways by nature that gives us such beauty in abundance.  We have become so busy that we have forgotten to reflect and marvel at aspects of the world we so readily ignore or take for granted.  


 This fascinating book will surely become a children’s classic. It brings magic back into our lives. It lightens up our everyday existence with awesome clarity and joy.