Here is a bouquet of Haikus and quotes that emerged  during the creative process of putting Baby Light together: 

Happy Mother's Day!

Blooming buds are patient Love and wonder awakens them Mother Earth, My Mother

Grateful for Mountain Tea

Pungent, astringent Miracle fluid meanders In the healing journey


Early morning dance Quieting rhythm uplifts the room We are many in the pilgrimage


Strings of colors, Create light bouquets, Wonder brings joy


Morning coffee with a smile, A heart made of love and precious oils, A drop heals all worries, oh mother!


The words don't have to be here In conversations we speak speechless I have found poetry

Spring talk

The neighborhood all in pink In the air summer fragrance A whole new world in a bud

It's April

The spring air draws wonders So does the city in its presence Veronica Persica has arrived


Treasuring the out-breath Expanding the pink bubble Keep your length dear


Doors of freedom swing Like a snail patience lingers Time is in service to presence

Super Tuesday

Contribution, community Choices that we make to bring newness A different kind of Tuesday

Treasuring Moonlight

Cosmic glow beautifies Uplifting to reach the height Circling, expanding...wonder

Life for life

The human body One that becomes a miracle every day One that fuels life for life

Morning sun

Morning air meets light Gently, beauty touches the soul No friction, no cracks, just a flowing river

Non-dual Duality

Between light and darkness A millisecond of stillness If we can just listen....

Letting go

The fire necklace around a lake Sticky mud peels off the feet The wilderness in horizon


Mixing colors, rolling Petal-molding, tapping lightly Hybrid poppy in bloom

Rosebuds in bloom

Breath has expanded Bittersweet flavors emerge Blooms expand in water

Happy Valentines's!

Love grows where you put your attention. Perhaps this Valentine's make it a day of noticing, a heartfelt interruption, to sense where is your attention now? How much quality moments you spend all year with your loved ones?Reflect and celebrate all your goodness. You can even dance that through the song of your heart's choosing.

Hadrian's Collage

Curious eyes glance The floor is a craft table Magazines smooch with glue

Grateful for tulips

Sweet fragrance in the air The arrival is bountiful, flavorful Spring has blossomed


The world is new... every breath elevates morning wind, My way tune feels right


And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, "You owe me.". Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky. - Rumi


They show up everywhere Meandering through the flow Feathers meet water's depth

Presence and time

Bergamot scent symphony Soft grass brings splendor Presence and time in bliss


The sense of gratitude grounds us in the principle that "I have Enough". When we re-wire our ourselves with the intention of ABUNDANCE, we have expanded ourselves into a greater purpose.

Grateful for inspiring minds

Sacred love circle soothing/youthful Hummingbird voices Our story is growth

Grateful for you

It’s easier when words depart, Harder when they stay with me, Easier when they stay with us.

Slowing down

The day evaporated in mist, aura of melting colors paint, the art of "the dancing dialogue"

Grateful for play-dates

Cheerful and playful Peaceful faces gifting love Mothers sit gracefully

Grateful of self-generation

It's all there, alive Now, wide awake integrating Slowly, I am here again

Grateful for warm spaces

Quietly inquiring Every sip a deep breath Every exhale a word

Grateful for Winter

Cold, bitter, windy air Warm silky glowing moon The art of winter

Grateful for home

Powdery flurries Orange melts in cranberry Stay warm cherry tree

Grateful for play

Giggles sparkles fun Radiant brilliance dressed in white Hi neighbors, let's play...

Grateful for what shows up

In between words, awe After the lethargy, the fresh air Flapping wings arise

Grateful for light

Playful dust stretches Pink mantel softens in joy Heart grows wild flowers

Grateful for my shadow

Elegantly enlightened White and black contract, expand Gray yarn ball in arrival

Grateful for snow magic

Soft, steady, lukewarm The night weaves cotton castles Flurries in spotlight

Grateful fo conversations

Slow, gentle, settle Our dreams perturbated in mist New life emerges

Grateful for being nourished

Expanding, flowing Roots stay longer, play longer standing tall, the voice

Grateful for okra

Hairy sticky pod Baby spheres swim in silk lines Home has awakened

Grateful for play dough

Fluffy squishy soft Little hands, roll, twist, squeeze, cut Grateful for "mud tea"

Grateful fo bresaola

Green lemony lightness Burgundy deepens music Gut lengthens

Grateful for Hadrian

Today I am grateful for my darling Hadrian, who, as I get home right after work asks" How was your day mama? ...I love you..." and then he throws his arms around me and there is that look, those beautiful eyes that say a million words in silence- it's like magic filled with joy and magic. Life is magic!

Grateful for the people who serve

What's in my body today is love and commitment.It's the good heart of the people who serve this country which has been so good to me and my family. People who care to advance the goodness of this nation and the world, who serve and bring forth their best by dignifying the beauty and safety that we enjoy in our neighborhoods, organizations and just life, wherever emerges. I feel so much gratitude for the abundance that the human spirit creates.

Grateful for life

I am just amazed at the connectedness that we have with everything that is around. If we just pause and notice, if we just observe what life brings us, if we can just practice wonder a bit more, we can "see" so much more. I am particularly touched today by the gorgeous presence of the teal duck. It's been just amazing to discover the qualities that it evokes within me and how it has been impacting my current flow of life. What if I brought a little bit more of that teal duck in my life now?

Grateful for doors that open

The holy tree weaves light through the red fruit Teal Door opens gracefully Espresso smell meets gratitude

Grateful for fences

Poppies breath thunder the arrival is glowing Six Borderless fences