Ladybug Wonders is a story of celebration. It’s a way for the child to engage and interact with beauty in life. It’s an opportunity for him/her to discover and notice the beautiful gifts by being in conversation with 7 precious ladybugs, which represent a state of being in the world: Wonder, Serenity, Trust, Gratitude, Awe, Joy and Inspiration.

Through this journey the child meets each ladybug, learns her name, and through a dialogue of genuine care and pure curiosity he/she can notice the transformation of the ladybug, he/she can see the unique gift, the essential positive quality that is cultivated by the quality of presence. This is the gift of listening and exploring the world.

The ladybug offers then a positive affirmation such as “I am Here; I am Cared for; I am Loved; I am Well; I am Beautiful; I am Seen; I am Whole and I am Complete;”. This is a great way for the child to witness the power of language and the magic of conversations and co-creation, which with your guidance and support they can learn to practice and play with.

Ladybug Wonders

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