Ina Gjikondi’s & Gianfranco Cecchetto’s beautifully written and illustrated book for their son Hadrian, leaves me feeling both inspired and enlightened. This unique book makes me mindful of the magnificent source of all life LIGHT that we share wherever we live. Read more...

- Zerbanoo Gifford, Author and Founder of ASHA Centre 

An extraordinary journey to enlighten soft skills in children and to wake them up in grown ups.

- Dr. Giovanni Dicran Megighian, PhD, MSc(Lon)

Founder of MIO Balance Institute

'Baby Light" is a compelling invitation to enter into a direct and intimate relationship with light and with life itself, awakening curiosity through playful questions that might dance you right into the essence of reality, if you chose to stay with them. The poetic images and delicate words transmit wonder in a simple and essential way that meet a child's true nature, and reminds the adult that theirs is just the same.

- Anne Egseth Olmeti, Integral Coach 

A magnificent journey that awakens your senses to the awe of the moment. To be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

- Betsy Caine, Executive Coach 

President of WorkinProgres

“Baby Light” is a joyful invitation for children and adults to visit a world illuminated by love and kindness. Image by image, the story is tenderly told in a spirit of gratitude for life.

- Joan Wangler,MCC 

Executive Coach and President of EDIN Associates  

Baby Light invites a charmingly interactive experience between adult and child. But far more significantly it ignites the child's imagination in the natural world, far from smart phones and swipe screens. Let your little one find a lifelong wonder in the universe.

- Dale Lautenbach, Integral Coach &

Communications Expert 

Baby Light is a lovely lyrical book, beautifully written and illustrated to playfully nourish a child's imagination and that of the caring adult reading the book. It delights the senses and invites the child on a journey of creative exploration and possibility as they engage the world around them.

- Patty Jensen, PCC

Executive Coach and President of Clearwater Consulting 

Baby Light has a wonderful rhythm along with beautiful imagery. This book will inspire friends and family. I see it as a wonderful catalyst to encourage reflection and conversation within the family unit.  Baby Light says, "Look at the world around you and discover the beauty!"  

- Julie Ellis

Hollin Hall Senior Center Director, Fairfax County