The Book's Essence Collage

        Look Closer,

            Connect Deeper 

Maximize the engagement of all senses, including sight, touch, taste, movement, smell, hearing, etc.

Practice gratitude, wonder and beauty

Practice listening and observation skills

Create a safe space for building trustlearning and playing together

Observe light through a dynamic lens of inquiry, through the eyes of a child by engaging the whole being.

Look deeply into the wonders of light as a miracle of nature and the science of life, like noticing cycles in nature, such as that of day becoming night.

Notice all the gorgeous geometry that surrounds us and to introduce very simplistically some basic concepts of optics and the laws of reflection.

(Baby Light Character is a prism that breaks light in visible colors and is composed of three basic shapes, triangle, circle and square.)

Build cognitive, emotional, relational and somatic competence.