Baby Light: A personal story of growth

By Ina Gjikondi 


When my son Hadrian came to the world I experienced a major shift, one of those overnight root expansions, like in “Jack and the Magic Beans”...My heart grew bigger and my capacity to be with others expanded. How do you manage all that? I stayed with it and with all the support from family and friends I was able to navigate the newness and actually tap into the evergreen source that it was bringing forth for me. One day at a time, I was able to accept that life had slowed down and that I was living in a different rhythm; one that required another kind of care and lots of patience. I remember how I started noticing in my neighborhood the gorgeous trees, the birds that visited and all the kind people all around us. Walking with Hadrian allowed me to see all that. I could whiteness the beauty and the goodness right in front of me. It was all there to be celebrated. 


One day, when my son Hadrian was about 1(one) and he had just started to walk, I was sitting in the living room reading, when I witnessed something extraordinary. I saw what I could have easily seen before, only that now I was “SEEING” with a new pair of eyes. I was seeing, sensing and embodying it. The sunlight had fallen inside the room and the string of light was creating quite an excitement for Hadrian, who seemed curious and playfully exploring. I saw him poking and turning around, and then going back and forth as the light appeared and disappeared in his presence. Oh, it was magical! Inside me, it felt like a stiff “Grinch” was melting down and all of a sudden I was like a child. I wanted to play and delve in wonder!  It was this story that inspired the creation of Baby Light, a children’s book for the family, one that inspires an open mind, an open heart and an open will. It's a way to go deeper with how beauty affects us right NOW, supporting children’s growth through the art of beauty and mindfulness.


As the experience was landing, I felt the desire to support Hadrian in exploring what had happened at a deeper level, in simple ways.When we grow we somehow lose that sense of play and wonder, it almost feels like we cut fun once we get into the real work.

I felt the need to offer my son another way of looking at life and the daily experience where we wittness, observe, engage and breathe. I became so compelled at creating a new narrative to support his growth, one that allows him to explore and find beauty in everything. He can search for his own answers and yet have the guidance that offers him possibilities. I wanted to invite him into a new language through embodiment and inquiry, one that can open up choices from a place of care and alignment. 


I am compelled to see this little story be a dialogue builder, a new way of creating a space for children and parents, for families, to celebrate splendor and goodness everyday. It is an invitation for parents, coaches and educators and anyone who has the desire and passion to create spaces for families to come together, to learn and explore. It is my desire to support human beings develop emotional, cognitive, relational, somatic and spiritual competence, to serve as a foundation for growth and development and to live life to its fullest.