Hadrian Series starts its journey with Baby Light, a book that celebrates light and life, through a curious and sparkling inquiry. Baby Light will be soon followed by a few other books, which have already emerged and are in the creative process.


We intend to create a bouquet of resources, especially in the space of children literature and playful learning, and we would like to facilitate and host a space for others who feel compelled to contribute and work with us to fulfill this vision. 

Hadrian Series is a calling to all of us as “human becomings” to bring forth the goodness and the beauty of the world at any given moment. If you feel compelled to co-create with us and/or to support this emergence forward, we welcome a conversation.

Hadrian Series is a community that supports the growth and the development of children, families and all of us as “human becomings” through embodied conversations and creative expression, celebrating the wonders of life everyday. 

Our vision is to create spaces for families and communities to learn, explore and play together. Our desire is to contribute in the cultivation of a mindful life, one that allows human beings to nurture focus and attention, and make choices with an open mind, open heart and open will. 


Hadrian Series has come to being as a way to respond to this intention, by offering parents, coaches and educators a new narrative to support children in their growth developmentally. This is a two-way path. While the intention is to support the child, through the conversation (from Latin: con-versare- means to turn to one another) ,we create our dance of language that brings both the adult and the child together into a discovery, a new narrative that they co-create in partnership.